Inadvertent Alerts


If a beacon is inadvertently activated, the beacon immediately should be turned off if possible. If the beacon does not have an “off” function, it should be shielded from the sky by placing it in a metal container (a solid metal box or a refrigerator, for example).

Because an alert likely will be received by the satellites even if the beacon was on for only a short time, you should immediately contact the agency in your region responsible for managing Cospas-Sarsat distress alerts to prevent unnecessary assignment of search and rescue resources that may be needed for a real emergency somewhere else. If your region has a Cospas-Sarsat Mission Control Centre in the "Contact Lists" (select “MCC – Mission Control Centre” from the drop-down choices), please notify the centre in your area. Otherwise select “SPOC – SAR Point of Contact” from the "Contact Lists" and notify them of your inadvertent alert. The "Contact Lists" are available under our Professional website.

There is no penalty for inadvertent activation of a beacon if there was no malicious intent.